Banjo. Guitar. Dobro.

canadian instrumentalist, teacher, designer, promoter

Tim Osmond wears quite a few hats. The cowboy hat though is just for show. He couldn't tell you how to rope and/or ride. 

He can, however, tell you a thing or two about banjo pickin', bluegrass music, designing unique posters and producing multi-act shows for hundreds of eager listeners. 

For the past 20 years Tim has been playing banjo, guitar and Dobro professionally with different ensembles, but lately with the five-piece bluegrass ensemble The Stanley County Cut-Ups, swing/jazz/bluegrass trio The Spectacles, or as a solo performer. 

Other notable achievements include:
- Founder and curator of the annual Manitoba Jamboree (2022-present)

- Co-founder and former artistic director of Canada's only non-profit house concert network 'Home Routes' (2006-2021)

- Creator and host of bluegrass radio show 'Sunday Drive' on CJUM for 10 years (2005-2015)

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