Tim Osmond

Fall is a Great Time to Woodshed!

No experience or knowledge of musical theory required!

Beginner Bluegrass Banjo with Tim Osmond

Bluegrass music: it’s country and folk music supercharged with the drive of the five-string banjo.
Sit with Tim as he teaches solid, foundational concepts that will leave you with a comprehensive understanding of the bluegrass banjo style. Whether you are new to playing an instrument or you would just like to brush up your skills as a musician, you can count on coming away from this with some new playing techniques and a few songs under your belt. Hey, it’s easier to learn than guitar; there’s one less string, and you only really need to fret four of them anyway!

Beginning Banjo Elements to learn:
  • Right hand technique
  • Rolls and how to use them
  • How and why chords work
  • The banjo fingerboard
  • playing up the neck
  • Locating melody notes
  • Common licks you can use
  • Assembling solos
  • Playing in different tunings
  • Improving speed and clarity
  • Using a capo
  • Sub styles of three finger banjo
  • Little Maggie, Pretty Polly and The Mixolydian scale
  • Practice tips
  • Playing with others and jamming (put away that sheet music!)
Other Lessons offered
  • Clawhammer style banjo
  • Squareneck Dobro slide
  • Acoustic Guitar in the folk, bluegrass, country style
  • Learn to Jam around the campfire
  • Play along with the radio
  • Learn to read tablature and play by ear

No experience or knowledge of musical theory required!

The music of traditional bluegrass, old-time music, blues and country offers many simple chord progressions that act as a springboard into other styles. Learn the foundations of music through listening to recordings and practicing instrumental techniques.

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